Stretchable Triboelectric Fiber for Self-powered Kinematic Sensing Textile
2019-11-13 16:42:43 조회수130
Hyeon Jun Sim(1), Changsoon Choi(1), Shi Hyeong Kim(1), Kang Min Kim(1), Chang Jun Lee(2), Youn Tae Kim(2), Xavier Lepró(3), Ray H. Baughman(3) & Seon Jeong Kim(1) 1)Center for Self-Powered Actuation, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763, Korea. 2)IT Fusion Technology Research Center and Department of IT Fusion Technology, Chosun University, Gwangju 61452, Korea. 3)The Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX 75083, USA. Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to S.J.K. 원문 링크 :


Stretchable fiber and yarn triboelectric nanogenerator are sought for such applications as wearable sensing system such as cloth communication devices, electronic textiles, and robotic sensory skin. Unfortunately, previously reported triboelectric fiber and yarn are difficult to have stretchable property. We introduce here a new type of stretchable and weavable triboelectric fibers with microdiameter dimensions. The stretchable triboelectric fibers can be reversibly stretched up to 50% in tensile direction while generating voltage output proportional to the applied tensile strain. The reversible distance change induced by the Poisson’s ratio difference between the core fiber (silver-coated nylon/ polyurethane) and the shell (wrinkled polyvinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene/carbon nanotube layer) during tensile deformation is the key working principle for electrical generation. Owing to exceptional structural stability, the stretchable triboelectric fibers show high performance retention after 10,000 times repeated stretching/releasing cycle. Furthermore, the stretchable triboelectric fibers are mechanically strong to be woven into a commercial textile for textile based sensors, which can detect magnitude as well as direction of the motion.

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