Electrochemical analysis of the reduction of ferritin using oxidized methyl viologen
2006-12-15 10:15:08 조회수671
Kwang Min Shin, Gerald D. Watt, Bo Zhang, John N. Harb, Roger G. Harrison, Sun I. Kim, Seon Jeong Kim This research was supported by the Creative Research Initiative Center for Bio-Artificial Muscle and the International Cooperation Research Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea. 원문 링크 :


The electrochemical analysis was carried out by the electrochemical reduction of horse spleen ferritin (HoSF) using oxidized methyl viologen. The reduction and oxidation peaks of the methyl viologen and released Fe appeared on the cyclic voltammogram. The Fe was released on reduction of the HoSF by the methyl viologen. The effect of oxidized methyl viologen concentration and the ferritin solution pH on reduction of the HoSF were determined. The reduction of the ferritin procedure occurred by applying a potential that reduced the oxidized methyl viologen, and the HoSF was reduced by the reduced methyl viologen.

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