The effect of DNA on mechanical properties of nanofiber hydrogels
2008-10-27 10:44:32 조회수645
Min Kyoon Shin, Shi Hyeong Kim, Sung-il Jung, Sun I. Kim, Seon Jeong Kim, Byung Joo Kim, Insuk So 1 Center for Bio-Artificial Muscle and Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul 133-791, Republic of Korea 2 Center for Bio-Artificial Muscle and Department of Physiology, Seoul National University, Seoul 110-744, Republic of Korea 원문 링크 :


Uniform polyvinyl alcohol PVA nanofiber gels incorporating double-stranded deoxyribonucleic
acid DNA were fabricated without the aid of cross-linkers employing electrospinning. Creep and
tensile tests of the DNA/PVA nanofiber gels were carried out in an aqueous medium to analyze
interactions between the DNA and PVA. The DNA/PVA gels had a higher elastic modulus than the
PVA gel. The viscosity with increasing external load was calculated by applying the Burger model
to the creep curves. We conclude that DNA is relatively weakly bound with the PVA chains,
although the elastic modulus of the DNA/PVA gels was higher than that of PVA gel.

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