pH-Dependent Structures of an i-Motif DNA in Solution
2009-01-27 10:52:46 조회수675
Kyeong Sik Jin, Su Ryon Shin, Byungcheol Ahn, Yecheol Rho, Seon Jeong Kim, and Moonhor Ree Center for Bio-Artificial Muscle and Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea 원문 링크 :


We have investigated for the first time the structure of i-motif DNA in solution at various pH conditions by using synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering technique. To facilitate direct structural comparison between solution structures of i-motif DNA at various pH values, we created atomic coordinates of i-motif DNA from a fully folded to unfolded atomic model. Under mild acidic conditions, the conformations for i-motif DNA appeared to be similar to that of the partially unfolded i-motif atomic model in overall shape, rather than the fully folded i-motif atomic model. Collectively, our observations indicate that i-motif DNA molecule is structurally dynamic over a wide pH range, adopting multiple conformations ranging from the folded i-motif structure to a random coil conformation. As the i-motif structure has been used as an important component in nanomachines, we can therefore believe that the structural evidence presented herein will promote the development of future DNA-based molecular-actuator devices.

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