Flexible Supercapacitor Made of Carbon Nanotube Yarn with Internal Pores
2014-07-02 12:54:16 조회수634
Changsoon Choi , Jae Ah Lee , A Young Choi , Youn Tae Kim ,* Xavier Lepró, Marcio D. Lima , Ray H. Baughman , and Seon Jeong Kim * C. Choi, J. A. Lee, Prof. S. J. Kim Center for Bio-Artifi cial Muscle and Department of Biomedical Engineering Hanyang University Seoul , 133-791 , Republic of Korea A. Y. Choi, Prof. Y. T. Kim IT Fusion Technology Research Center and Department of IT Fusion Technology Chosun University Gwangju , 501-759 , Republic of Korea Dr. X. Lepró, Dr. M. D. Lima, Prof. R. H. Baughman The Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute University of Texas at Dallas Richardson , TX , 75083 , USA 원문 링크 :


Electrochemical deposition of MnO2 onto carbon nanotube (CNT) yarn gives a high-performance, flexible yarn supercapacitor. The hybrid yarn’s blended structure, resulting from trapping of MnO2 in its internal pores, effectively enlarges electrochemical area and reduces charge diffusion length. Accordingly, the yarn supercapacitor exhibits high values of capacitance, energy density, and average power density. Applications in wearable electronics can be envisaged.

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