Enhanced conductivity of aligned PANi/PEO/MWNT nanofibers by electrospinning
2008-08-28 10:38:52 조회수724
Min Kyoon Shin, Yu Jin Kim, Sun I. Kim, Sung Kyoung Kim, Haiwon Lee, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Seon Jeong Kim (a) Center for Bio-Artificial Muscle and Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul 133-791, Republic of Korea (b) Department of Chemistry, Hanyang University, Seoul 133-791, Republic of Korea (c) ARC Center of Excellence in Electromaterials Science and Intelligent Polymer Research Institute, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia 원문 링크 :


Conducting composite nanofibers were fabricated from a mixture of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
(MWNTs) and a polyaniline (PANi)/poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) blend using an electrospinning process.
We observed a surprising transition in the electrical conductivity of the conducting composite nanofibers while measuring the I–V characteristics of the nanofibers aligned on an electrode when theywere exposed to an applied high voltage.We believe that this unexpected transition is closely related to the self-heating of the MWNTs incorporated into the conducting polymer. This type of self-heating method will be very helpful in enhancing the electrical properties of nanoscale conducting composite fibers.

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